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Redefining FSP

Harbor Clinical has redefined the FSP service model, adding enhanced flexibility in timing, scope, and level of resources assigned. Functional, Flexible, and Fractional. Harbor Clinical provides a broad portfolio of services across the clinical development lifecycle.

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Each sponsor is unique, so in each case we design a function-based outsourcing model that provides the degree of daily oversight with which you are comfortable. Leading each FSP integration at Harbor Clinical is a dedicated FSP Manager who serves as a point of coordination to the sponsor and the employees assigned, allowing you to concentrate on turning innovative ideas into breakthrough medical advances.


Today more than ever, sponsors, large and small, need flexibility in staffing their clinical trials. Our functional service provider model offers that flexibility and drives down cost by applying resources where and when they’re needed, limiting the need to recruit and train employees and minimizing exposure to risk. FSP agreements adjust to the ebb and flow of study workloads, quickly deploying top-tier expertise as demands change.


Unlike many FSP providers, Harbor Clinical allows for “fractional sourcing” — use of part-time team members available for rapid redeployment. We staff your project from a global database of known, vetted, and/or trusted experts in many clinical research functions.

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