Why Work at Harbor Clinical

Our Team

Our team consists of full-time employees, part-time employees, and consultants. Everyone is a valued member of our team. At Harbor Clinical, we’ve created a work environment defined by respect, flexibility and collaboration, allowing each individual to reach their highest potential. As a women-owned enterprise, Harbor Clinical is committed to diversity, inclusion and equal respect for all and would love to welcome you aboard our dynamic team.


Whether full-time or part-time, our employees are afforded the same opportunities for career development, compensation growth, and work/life balancing. Our employees enjoy competitive benefits, retirement planning, and a flexible paid time off program.


By streamlining the placement process, Harbor Clinical eliminates downtime between projects so you can spend less time identifying new projects and more time focusing on your area of expertise. We also understand that each individual’s needs, qualifications and availability varies, so our model allows you to select the projects you want to work on with the time allocation that fits your schedule, keeping you busy and billable.