Why Harbor Clinical

With Harbor Clinical, you receive Quality oversight as an integral part of your project.

Harbor Clinical has built its business by partnering with small biotech/pharma companies providing the right solution at the right time. We understand the infrastructure of small biotechs, where it is “all hands-on deck” to ensure your clinical study is managed efficiently and cost-effectively. Harbor Clinical prides itself on understanding our clients’ needs and providing flexible solutions delivered by SMEs within their specific functional areas. We feel confident that we can and will do the same with your team.

We provide the ultimate flexibility in resourcing models.

At Harbor Clinical, we’re committed to maximizing efficiency, quality, and value in your research and development efforts. We offer large-scale FSP implementation while recognizing that some clients may require a more flexible, customized approach. Instead of prescribing a “one-size-fits-all” solution, we support your goals by assembling a highly specialized, dedicated team, ensuring all aspects of your trial meet quality assurance and regulatory standards. For cross-functional needs, our F.A.S.T. service may be right for you.

We help you achieve your goals in supplier diversity.

Many companies set goals in the number or value of contracts they award to diverse suppliers. These goals are set for a variety of reasons including social responsibility, tax incentives, commitment to employees, and more. As a women-owned business, Harbor Clinical is a qualified diverse supplier.